And it’s Christmas!

Hope you are spending foolish amounts of money on gifts for those you love.

I love this time of year.  Spending time with family is what means the most to me.  Having meaningful conversations is all I really need.  I love presents, don’t get me wrong.

Wonderful to connect with everyone, and learn about their lives.  Talking and goofing around over meals and games is what I enjoy the most.

Maybe it is because I couldn’t for so many years, that conversation means so much, but I am surprised by those that avoid it.  The art of crafting just the right thing to say is fun and challenging.  Then watching everyone laugh is icing on the cake.

Enjoy your loved ones this Holiday Season and through 2018.


You would quite enjoy this show.

I went to see “The Last Christmas Turkey: The Musical” last night at Theatre Orangeville.  I loved it!  It was a relaxed performance, meaning the lights didn’t go all the way down and the doors were left open.  My very good wise friend Sharyn was there and made sure I was comfortable.

A great way for me to enjoy live theatre.  You see, the last time we tried to go to a show I couldn’t stay in the theatre.  Being in the dark and shut in with all those strangers was too overwhelming to my system, nevermind the show itself.

It was easier this time, but not without its challenges.  I needed to self command a lot to not leave the theatre.  At one point I tricked Mommy by saying I needed to go to washroom.  Gotta do what you gotta do.  I am tricky like that.

My amazing parents helped me stay for almost every minute.  Believe me I just didn’t sit there like an angel.

I loved Tom the Turkey the best.  The actor did a great job of being turkey-like and was very funny.  The music was not bad either.  I loved the story and the staging and the clever costumes and set design.

I especially love that they made this comfortable for me and others.

Jordyn Pallett
Theatre Goer Extraordinaire


Ready for a big movement

You are about to witness a blog I typed on a held keyboard.  I am managing the capitals by using caps lock.  I really hope to be typing these independently soon.

To give you a sense of this shift, only a few people I know are independent typers.  A huge leap of regulation is required.  Practice is so much slower and harder.  The energy required for independent typing is so much greater.

Waking all the dormant impulses, reacting to every mistake, and using every bit of control I have to just practice a few words independently, I am determined to make this my future though.  A Communication Partner is like an anchor that keeps me regulated and able to quite easily use a laminate or held keyboard.  take away the anchor and my ability to regulate is enormously reduced.

Falling each time I try to be an independent typer, but picking myself up and trying again. DETERMINED!


Can autistic people understand social cues?

My pet peeve is people thinking that because I am non-speaking I am unable to understand.  Being someone who doesn’t communicate with words by mouth, actually has me understand cues in a bigger way.

You see, I have spent so many years in silence observing the behaviour of others that I have developed my ability to read people.  Authenticity is very important around me.  In other words, I am a breathing lie detector.

Go into any group setting and the level of inauthenticity is hard for my sensitive body to bear.  Everyone posturing to look good, prove themselves, hide their true selves, or just plain lie is outstanding.  All of it a cover for fear of not belonging.  We are all totally driven by fear.

What would those same groups look like if motivated by community, diversity, inclusion and appreciation?  How would our ingrained social habits shift?

(Note:  I am speaking here only of non-speaking autistics with motor and sensory differences.  I am not qualified to speak for all who are on the wide spectrum of autism.)


Being an Angel – a poem

Being an Angel

Belief in an all powerful entity guiding us through our lives
Joyfully allowing our hearts to be filled with love like bees in a hive
Can we always be beautiful and untouched by hate
Every being is born a pure and good soul then in steps fate

An environment always nurturing is what one needs
To always be free and unencumbered by negative weeds
So all ideally face a totally personal choice
To believe or ignore the Almighty’s voice

Happiness is found each time we connect
Making friends with a peer is like something unwrecked
Pure and unfettered love like the first dust of snow
Angels are here and 100% you should know

Jordyn Pallett, 8-Dec-17

How the full moon is always cursed

Have you felt a shift in your being able to be present and clear?  Or maybe a little impulsive in your actions?  Call me crazy but I call it “The Curse of the Full Moon!”

Being affected by moons and mercury in retrograde is not fun.  Just because I have good control each month between moons, doesn’t mean I have it before and after by a few days.  Always a body messed up time.

Just being a little less in control when already balancing 100% on a fine wire, has my impulses in overdrive.  My Mommy is a beautiful human for just putting up with my monthly smushing attacks.