How the full moon is always cursed

Have you felt a shift in your being able to be present and clear?  Or maybe a little impulsive in your actions?  Call me crazy but I call it “The Curse of the Full Moon!”

Being affected by moons and mercury in retrograde is not fun.  Just because I have good control each month between moons, doesn’t mean I have it before and after by a few days.  Always a body messed up time.

Just being a little less in control when already balancing 100% on a fine wire, has my impulses in overdrive.  My Mommy is a beautiful human for just putting up with my monthly smushing attacks.



4 thoughts on “How the full moon is always cursed

  1. tammy tetreault

    Jordyn, I am in awe of you. Your insight and the grace with which you share it always makes me smile. I know I don’t always reply to your posts…my bad… I always want to…I guess my own crazy schedule has me distracted and unable to focus long enough to compose something worthwhile.
    And that’s a poor excuse, I know.
    Many people don’t recognize, or acknowledge, the effects of the various powers that surround us. I’m glad that you do. The moon is a powerful source. Mostly good. Sometimes, not so much. I, too, find myself restless and “itchy” when it’s full. (that includes the few days before and after). Maybe we should research what might help to “ease the itch”? I have some ideas…
    Your Mommy is a beautiful human always. Your monthly smushing (I LOVE that word!) serves to remind her of that, should she forget…but I doubt she would. She’s pretty awesome! So is your Dad. And, mostly…so are you!
    Lots of love to you all!!!


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