Being an Angel – a poem

Being an Angel

Belief in an all powerful entity guiding us through our lives
Joyfully allowing our hearts to be filled with love like bees in a hive
Can we always be beautiful and untouched by hate
Every being is born a pure and good soul then in steps fate

An environment always nurturing is what one needs
To always be free and unencumbered by negative weeds
So all ideally face a totally personal choice
To believe or ignore the Almighty’s voice

Happiness is found each time we connect
Making friends with a peer is like something unwrecked
Pure and unfettered love like the first dust of snow
Angels are here and 100% you should know

Jordyn Pallett, 8-Dec-17


7 thoughts on “Being an Angel – a poem

  1. Aunty Sarah

    Jordyn!!!! Seriously. Wow….that is beautiful ♡♡♡
    “….live like bees in a hive” – what a fantastic image.
    You’re incredible and so,sooooooo gifted.
    I love you & I’m so proud of all you are doing.
    (And in awe that you consistently meet your commitment up keeping the blog – I WISH I had that ‘stick-to-it-ness’ :))


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