Ready for a big movement

You are about to witness a blog I typed on a held keyboard.  I am managing the capitals by using caps lock.  I really hope to be typing these independently soon.

To give you a sense of this shift, only a few people I know are independent typers.  A huge leap of regulation is required.  Practice is so much slower and harder.  The energy required for independent typing is so much greater.

Waking all the dormant impulses, reacting to every mistake, and using every bit of control I have to just practice a few words independently, I am determined to make this my future though.  A Communication Partner is like an anchor that keeps me regulated and able to quite easily use a laminate or held keyboard.  take away the anchor and my ability to regulate is enormously reduced.

Falling each time I try to be an independent typer, but picking myself up and trying again. DETERMINED!



16 thoughts on “Ready for a big movement

  1. I am so proud of you dear Jordyn. Being able to type independently will be amazing. From now onward my prayer for you will be to keep up your energy and patience with yourself, and all the strength you need to fulfil your goal. God bless you Sweetheart.
    Love, Mimi


  2. Aunty Sarah

    ARE YOU KIDDING ME? ?? (Note: all caps 😉
    Ohhhhh the freedom! The Unleashing!!!! I. Can’t. Wait!

    Greedy for more, but love you so much that I’ll be patient.

    You did brilliantly and I can’t wait to tell you that (complete with embarrassing hugs) when I see you this week!!!


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