You would quite enjoy this show.

I went to see “The Last Christmas Turkey: The Musical” last night at Theatre Orangeville.  I loved it!  It was a relaxed performance, meaning the lights didn’t go all the way down and the doors were left open.  My very good wise friend Sharyn was there and made sure I was comfortable.

A great way for me to enjoy live theatre.  You see, the last time we tried to go to a show I couldn’t stay in the theatre.  Being in the dark and shut in with all those strangers was too overwhelming to my system, nevermind the show itself.

It was easier this time, but not without its challenges.  I needed to self command a lot to not leave the theatre.  At one point I tricked Mommy by saying I needed to go to washroom.  Gotta do what you gotta do.  I am tricky like that.

My amazing parents helped me stay for almost every minute.  Believe me I just didn’t sit there like an angel.

I loved Tom the Turkey the best.  The actor did a great job of being turkey-like and was very funny.  The music was not bad either.  I loved the story and the staging and the clever costumes and set design.

I especially love that they made this comfortable for me and others.

Jordyn Pallett
Theatre Goer Extraordinaire



2 thoughts on “You would quite enjoy this show.

  1. Aunty Sarah

    Dude! I am SO THRILLED you had this opportunity! I love the theatre – my dad started taking me when I was 12…and I have to admit I might have had a some tough times sitting through a couple of the shows too. 😉
    What a great idea, having a ‘relaxed’ performance. This could be the start of a a wonderful new theatre tradition for you ♡♡♡
    **Ps I’ve always known you were a bit tricky… you’ve got a reputation in the family,you know.
    (P.p.s – just kidding about the reputation. .. but not the trickiness 😉)

    Love you to bits – see you tomorrow!


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