Want to walk among the humans?

All my life I felt a pull from the spirit realm.  I had a very hard time being in my body.  I was really confused and conflicted about my purpose and place on this Earth.  Imagine wanting desperately for clarity, Questioning everything about your existence, but having no access to talk to anyone about it for 10 plus years.  Not fun, eh?

Enter my savior and friend Kyle Sutton.  Mommy and Kyle were friends for years, but only when Mommy had to go away and asked Kyle to come stay with me did we discover each other and why we had been brought together.  My life and purpose became really clear.

Kyle struggled on our first couple days together and then surrendered to his heart and we connected far more deeply than either of us expected.  Kyle is a very gifted intuitive and could get me crazily well.  When Mommy got home Kyle shared about the messages he was receiving from, and for, me.  Thankfully, Mommy believed and was open to all I am.  She was confronted, but willing to work through her discomfort in service of me.

Fast forward to me getting a voice through RPM and S2C.  I confirmed everything Kyle told Mommy.  Always and forever grateful for my friendship with Kyle.

He has helped me and Mommy in so many ways.  From suggesting crystals to help me regulate in the sensory rich and energetically quite fluctuating world to preparing us for negative body control days.  His advice has always been spot on, and I don’t know where I would be now without him.

It is time for me to share him with others.  We don’t know what that will look like for other families, however I do know it will be magic and beautiful for anyone who chooses to open themselves to what Kyle offers.



Find Kyle at website, Facebook, or email.  Blessed you will be.
Kyle’s story of meeting Jordyn

Kyle writes about Angels Among Us


Friends are the absolute best

I always felt like I was missing out on something by not having friends my age.  I was, but not what I thought though.  My friends have been older and have helped me through the years to be who I am today.

I am lucky to have had the friends I’ve had.  They accept me completely for who I am.  They help me reach my goals.  Real friends lift you up Always.  They get you and love all your nuances.

Just having these types of friends makes life full of adventure and fun.  Only forgetting I’m 14 sometimes makes discussions interesting.  I love that I can hold my own with the twenty-somethings and thirty-somethings.  Each time they’ve been surprised by my input.

That being said I love my peers.  There is nothing like being in a group of people who spell to communicate.  Always accepting, they get me in a way no one can.  Pure love and understanding, support and camaraderie.

Spending a week with my friend Elliot was pure perfection.  We hung out doing our own thing and were so connected.  All distance really does is give weird sense of friendship a really grander feeling.  We are separated by many kilometres, but connected energetically still. Can’t explain it and maybe you don’t believe very deeply, but I promise it is my experience. We are best friends.

Jordyn Pallett very much enjoys hanging with my people and their families.

Jordyn Pallett enjoys doing all his friends favourite activities very much.

Friends we will always be,




Love my people too much

Good times had by all at Great Wolf Lodge in California.  Totally wonderful meeting new friends and seeing old friends I love so much.

Having events like really make big feelings so free each day.  Lots of so big emotions from all the loving parents, Julie, Kate, Elizabeth, and Karen.  The kids were calmer than them (wink).  All happy mostly except when the parents of kids who aren’t fluent yet started to compare and question themselves.

Please know that we have all been where you are. Please know we ‘get it’.  Please know we want to help.  All for one, we expand with each others support and encouragement.  My role is to be the friend to all, ensuring no one is left behind, so please do reach out.

I am still recovering from all the energy I used to help regulate everyone.   I am happy to do it and I do pay for it.  Lots of energy used at Disneyland too, crowds are very hard for an energetically sensitive guy like me.  Quite happy to recharge all day yesterday with my dear friends, and am almost ready to venture out into the world today.  We will update about the rest of our adventure when back home.

Love Always,



Home is a haven for work and play

I love polished and totally awesome way every family creates a space in their home that is so them.

Just visiting someone’s home can tell me a lot about a family’s values.  What is on their shelves, their walls, and what isn’t.  For example, colour choices for paint are they done to create calm or energy?  Are there family portraits everywhere?  Helping me understand the people who live inside the walls more fully.  Very interesting and enlightening.

I really enjoy family.  And their homes are warm and loving like them.  Rarely do I find a space mismatched with the people inside it.  Wonder when it does happen what drives that person, are they decorating for who they wish they were?

Loving the mystery that creates, too.  Are we our surroundings?  Are we our likes and dislikes?  Or are we something distinct and separate?

Quite spectacularly existential of me, don’t you think?  Non-speaking doesn’t equal non-thinking.  And please don’t get me started about how people dress.

Existentially yours,


How nice real relationships are

I am blessed with some truly exceptional people in my life.  People who accept and love me exactly how I am.  They really put aside any assumptions quite well and meet me where I am at.

Katie is my forever BFF.  She has been my friend for about 10 years.  She is always calm and happy, and fun.  We watch documentaries, make bracelets, do #S2C lessons, and sometimes bake.  Best Friends Forever.

Erica is my Body Whisperer.  She has also known me for about 10 years.  Her main role now is ensuring I remain fit and strong.  We workout twice a week.  She is lovingly intentional so my body listens to her.

LeeAnn is my friend and cheerleader.  Twice a week we hang out.  We do needlepoint, read fun books, and sometimes do #S2C lessons.  I love her exuberance for life and her love for her family.

There have been many people through the years that have hung out with me.  They are all wonderful and I consider them family.  One day I will have a “family” reunion where they will all come and experience my gratitude for being a part of allowing me to be me.

Real people that take the time to be real with me, are always a blessing. Authentic friendships are beautiful and forever.




(Note:  #S2C = Spelling to Communicate.  #S2C lessons both teach Jordyn new concepts and deepen their communication partnership)

Happy New Year?

Being an angel is hard work.  There is lots of chaos in the World right now and I feel it all.

My job is to bring love and peace, but all I feel is an increasing level of global anxiety. Don’t get me wrong, I also experience a deep concern and love driving that anxiety increase.  I just wish we could have increased love and concern without the chaos.

My words may feel despairing or callous for a New Year’s blog, but I prefer to walk into 2018 with my eyes open, listening for what is wanted and needed in our World so I can poise myself to have my contributions in 2018 move us towards that peaceful World.

I made a long list today of thing that will have happened by December 31st, 2018.  Many of the items relate to how I will have a positive impact on fulfilling my mission.

Year is just beginning and I plan on using it up fully.  How about you?