Happy New Year?

Being an angel is hard work.  There is lots of chaos in the World right now and I feel it all.

My job is to bring love and peace, but all I feel is an increasing level of global anxiety. Don’t get me wrong, I also experience a deep concern and love driving that anxiety increase.  I just wish we could have increased love and concern without the chaos.

My words may feel despairing or callous for a New Year’s blog, but I prefer to walk into 2018 with my eyes open, listening for what is wanted and needed in our World so I can poise myself to have my contributions in 2018 move us towards that peaceful World.

I made a long list today of thing that will have happened by December 31st, 2018.  Many of the items relate to how I will have a positive impact on fulfilling my mission.

Year is just beginning and I plan on using it up fully.  How about you?





4 thoughts on “Happy New Year?

  1. Jessie Porter

    Eyes open with love sounds like a great start to me too! I’ve been struggling to feel more connection amidst nourishing my own needs and navigating the world with anxiety in my toolbox too. Changing it into a helpful perspective helps so much, and I thank you for that insight.

    I may not have seen it without harsh self-criticism or overcome moments of anxiety as quickly as I do since using anxiety as a flashlight of some sort.

    In order to be careful to keep my guidance from a more loving place, I have also learned a skill that I learned from studying the meridian systems in Chinese medicine. I know there are different types of anxiety and for different reasons. The type I am referring to is social anxiety, which is associated with the stomach and its meridian. The stomach is often associated with social and professional aspects. The nervous energy can be transformed into passion. I have learned to do this in my practice as a manual therapist. I sometimes get nervous and short-of-breath talking about a technique or explaining an aspect of anatomy or physiology. I finally understood how a transformation of this energy happens, when instead I managed to express my excitement and passion for the work I do. The fluttery feeling is still there a little, but with glee!

    I also want to thank you for your blog and share my excitement for the new year in a new direction. I am joining a writer’s workshop and finding more of my voice at the same time. I have so few people to talk to that I feel connection with, that I am looking past my fears of speaking or not knowing what to say or being able to feel at ease in order to embrace the with new awareness and compassion for myself and people around me. It feels like a great way to honor the qualities and pace that are here with me. Unspoken words feel more powerful sometimes. Life feels a little like a 3D page at the moment.


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