How nice real relationships are

I am blessed with some truly exceptional people in my life.  People who accept and love me exactly how I am.  They really put aside any assumptions quite well and meet me where I am at.

Katie is my forever BFF.  She has been my friend for about 10 years.  She is always calm and happy, and fun.  We watch documentaries, make bracelets, do #S2C lessons, and sometimes bake.  Best Friends Forever.

Erica is my Body Whisperer.  She has also known me for about 10 years.  Her main role now is ensuring I remain fit and strong.  We workout twice a week.  She is lovingly intentional so my body listens to her.

LeeAnn is my friend and cheerleader.  Twice a week we hang out.  We do needlepoint, read fun books, and sometimes do #S2C lessons.  I love her exuberance for life and her love for her family.

There have been many people through the years that have hung out with me.  They are all wonderful and I consider them family.  One day I will have a “family” reunion where they will all come and experience my gratitude for being a part of allowing me to be me.

Real people that take the time to be real with me, are always a blessing. Authentic friendships are beautiful and forever.




(Note:  #S2C = Spelling to Communicate.  #S2C lessons both teach Jordyn new concepts and deepen their communication partnership)


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