Home is a haven for work and play

I love polished and totally awesome way every family creates a space in their home that is so them.

Just visiting someone’s home can tell me a lot about a family’s values.  What is on their shelves, their walls, and what isn’t.  For example, colour choices for paint are they done to create calm or energy?  Are there family portraits everywhere?  Helping me understand the people who live inside the walls more fully.  Very interesting and enlightening.

I really enjoy family.  And their homes are warm and loving like them.  Rarely do I find a space mismatched with the people inside it.  Wonder when it does happen what drives that person, are they decorating for who they wish they were?

Loving the mystery that creates, too.  Are we our surroundings?  Are we our likes and dislikes?  Or are we something distinct and separate?

Quite spectacularly existential of me, don’t you think?  Non-speaking doesn’t equal non-thinking.  And please don’t get me started about how people dress.

Existentially yours,



2 thoughts on “Home is a haven for work and play

  1. Not everyone dresses themselves, just like we have to make a choice between the car we can afford and the car we drive. I agree with you about how interesting it is to look at people’s surroundings and how they interact with each other! We don’t have to watch The Discovery Channel to become The Observer. In my career experience, people love it when you notice them or their surroundings (reflections of each other?) and remark upon it. Thank you for another beautiful post, Jordyn!

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