Love my people too much

Good times had by all at Great Wolf Lodge in California.  Totally wonderful meeting new friends and seeing old friends I love so much.

Having events like really make big feelings so free each day.  Lots of so big emotions from all the loving parents, Julie, Kate, Elizabeth, and Karen.  The kids were calmer than them (wink).  All happy mostly except when the parents of kids who aren’t fluent yet started to compare and question themselves.

Please know that we have all been where you are. Please know we ‘get it’.  Please know we want to help.  All for one, we expand with each others support and encouragement.  My role is to be the friend to all, ensuring no one is left behind, so please do reach out.

I am still recovering from all the energy I used to help regulate everyone.   I am happy to do it and I do pay for it.  Lots of energy used at Disneyland too, crowds are very hard for an energetically sensitive guy like me.  Quite happy to recharge all day yesterday with my dear friends, and am almost ready to venture out into the world today.  We will update about the rest of our adventure when back home.

Love Always,




3 thoughts on “Love my people too much


    Hey Jordyn,

    It was such a pleasure to meet you, your parents and Nelson at the Great Wolf’s Lodge. Thank you for this incredible insight. I have never thought of autistics actually using their energy to regulate others. Thank you for helping everyone. I sure loved the energy, mutual support and love there. Sterling and Oliver definitely benefited from being surrounded by other spellers. Sterling has been struggling with controlling his body and has been unable to use the 26 letter board for several weeks since right before Christmas. That all changed after meeting EV and all the other spellers. When Sterling looked around and saw his new pack.. kids like him, new friends, parents and therapists – all working hard, all helping and sustaining each other – he spelled on the 26 letter board for the first time in a few weeks: “Many different faces, same challenges” It feels good to find one’s sense of .

    Hope to see you again soon!

    Much love,

    Monika Sessions .

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