Want to walk among the humans?

All my life I felt a pull from the spirit realm.  I had a very hard time being in my body.  I was really confused and conflicted about my purpose and place on this Earth.  Imagine wanting desperately for clarity, Questioning everything about your existence, but having no access to talk to anyone about it for 10 plus years.  Not fun, eh?

Enter my savior and friend Kyle Sutton.  Mommy and Kyle were friends for years, but only when Mommy had to go away and asked Kyle to come stay with me did we discover each other and why we had been brought together.  My life and purpose became really clear.

Kyle struggled on our first couple days together and then surrendered to his heart and we connected far more deeply than either of us expected.  Kyle is a very gifted intuitive and could get me crazily well.  When Mommy got home Kyle shared about the messages he was receiving from, and for, me.  Thankfully, Mommy believed and was open to all I am.  She was confronted, but willing to work through her discomfort in service of me.

Fast forward to me getting a voice through RPM and S2C.  I confirmed everything Kyle told Mommy.  Always and forever grateful for my friendship with Kyle.

He has helped me and Mommy in so many ways.  From suggesting crystals to help me regulate in the sensory rich and energetically quite fluctuating world to preparing us for negative body control days.  His advice has always been spot on, and I don’t know where I would be now without him.

It is time for me to share him with others.  We don’t know what that will look like for other families, however I do know it will be magic and beautiful for anyone who chooses to open themselves to what Kyle offers.



Find Kyle at website, Facebook, or email.  Blessed you will be.
Kyle’s story of meeting Jordyn

Kyle writes about Angels Among Us


2 thoughts on “Want to walk among the humans?

  1. Thank you, Jordyn. Our connection has been a miracle in my life, and has had me explore areas of myself I didn’t know existed. You are an amazing friend and I know our connection will continue to grow ever stronger. Your willingness to share our relationship publicly touches my heart deeply. I will bring all I have to whomever contacts me.
    I love you.

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