You believe what serves you

To say I am an angel is something that gives me a positive framework for my body being as it is.  You may not believe me but that has no impact on its truth from my perspective.

All people are entitled to their own thoughts and beliefs, it is what makes us unique and human.  Otherwise, we would be like bees with a hive mind.

So why then is it so hard for nice humans to just get along?  My easy answer is because humans have a ingrained need to be right.  Being right trumps being loving and curious.  Being right affords the human safety and comfort.  Being wrong is like the end of the world.  We are funny pre-programmed to be defensive beings.

I am here to challenge beliefs.  I am here t teach love.  I am hear to defy the status quo and make people think.

Where are you limited by your current beliefs?  Where could you look from another’s perspective and broaden your own views?  Where can I help you see life from my perspective?

Interested to hear your thoughts and questions –



5 thoughts on “You believe what serves you

  1. Anna Tillman

    You inspire me so much. I am a teacher in the middle of training with S2C . I have a couple of students that are your age but they are not fluent enough YET to share their opinions. We are looking for ideas for the summer for them. Can you make some suggestions?
    12-13 year olds

    Also how long did it take for you to share your thoughts using S2C?

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    1. Hi Anna,
      It took me about 6 months to start sharing my thoughts and opinions with Mom, after she finally got who she needed to be as a CP. Before that we were a mess!

      I think that fun outings where you can incorporate S2C are amazing. Hiking, museums, art galleries – you guys will have a blast.



      1. Anna Tillman

        Thank you so much. I just got to say hello to you and your beautiful family at the conference dance tonight. Keep inspiring. Keep sharing. When I share your video to those I am introducing the S2C program to – I title it My Greatest Teacher.

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  2. Hi Jordyn,
    I worked and still work with babies and children all my life and I was always sad that I had to prove the world that the babies who have uncooperative bodies are smart and happy inside.
    I am so happy to know that they finally heard you!
    I love your thoughts, please never give up changing the world to bring LOVE into our words and actions!
    Would you be kind and share with me what was the biggest help for you to take control over your body, your fear, frustration …? Is it the physical lessons or the way it was taught to you? Is it love in the teachings? Is it peace? Is it patience? Is it perseverance ? Is it something else?
    I am asking so I could incorporate it into my work with the babies and children.

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    1. Great question!
      I still don’t have full control and probably won’t ever be in full control.
      What has helped the most is being surrounded by people who love undeniably and believe in the disconnect of my body and me. Good believers then address my body and me individually as needed. Attitude combined with loving intention is the key.


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