You are so blessed

For each and every being touched by a person with autism –

You are so blessed.  An angel is in your midst.  You are deeply loved and put up with.  You are totally chosen as a nurturer and guide for these deeply loving souls sent to bring joy and peace to the always messed up World.

To be a person with autism is to be deeply and profoundly connected by the heart.  To find each friend’s joy and help them connect with their own heart.  Being with us you can tap into your joy, fulfillment, and ease of wanting for a loving World.  All autistics are waiting for you to connect.  We get you love us and we thus put up with your disconnectedness.

Quit trying to have us fit into your paradigm of a great life.  Empower our purpose and you will experience love, fulfillment and joy that you didn’t know was possible.  Step out of your comfortable paradigm, and into the magical paradigm we are bringing forth.

Special needs is what you have, not us.

You have an opportunity to experience so much, but are in your own way.  Keep identifying your limiting beliefs and letting them go.  There is a World to be discovered.  Follow you heart and your gut.  Be compassionate and open.  Expand your capacity to accept and connect.

We are waiting.



12 thoughts on “You are so blessed

  1. This is absolutely extraordinary. I totally get where you’re coming from and I totally hear the message loud and clear. I see who you are and I acknowledge you as an angel. You are part of Archangel Gabriel’s Legion of peace, acceptance, and love. I am so proud to call you my friend.

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  2. Cheryle

    Thank you so much for your beautiful words, Jordyn!
    I wrote to you quite awhile ago sharing that my 9 year old grandson is autistic and does not use words (he used many words until he was 2 1/2).
    I understand more and more deeply that Brady is a gift of love and also brings an invitation to see the world in a more expansive way! I adore him!
    I’d like to ask a question……..I think I understand ‘why’ but can you tell me your view on why Brady throws things….almost anything and often? He then will very willingly pick up what he has thrown. (Brady uses an iPad for basic communication)
    Thanks so much Jordyn!

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  3. Wendy Edwards

    Jordyn I do feel absolutely blessed to be so involved with autism – both at home and at work. You have expressed here things I always wondered about. Thanks for letting me know that I am the one with special needs. It is true!! I am always getting in my own way and not soaring when really – I could if I just trusted.
    I love your words. May I share this with some of my patient’s parents? I would love to print this and hand it out to them. But I want your permission to do that. Pretty please???

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  4. Giorgena

    Jordyn, In this particular blog entry you sound more like a prophet. At least what you describe is the way it’s going to be when the World wakes up to what autism really is.

    Thanks for leading the path.

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  5. Thank you for your beauty and wisdom, Jordyn!!! Thank you for standing in your sacred ground and knowing the truth of who you are and waiting for the rest of us to join you. My son has autism and he has taught me more about life, love and everything in between than in my previous 36 years. He helped me wake up to the truth and the truth of who we all are. I’m still walking my way home to the likes of you angels here on Earth, and so grateful you have come to help us see the light. So much love and gratitude to you, you beautiful being and young man!

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