Hirsch Rocks!

I am so glad I got to visit Hirsch Academy last week.

Everything I dreamed a school should be, it is.  The playground is off the chain, the building is beautiful, and the classrooms are amazing.

The best thing though is the gracious and caring hearts of the teachers.  Each member of the faculty do really believe in their students.  They see past the outward manifestations of autism and listen for the beautiful being inside.  They nurture who the kids are and what they each need to fulfill their goals in life.

If understanding differences is a skill, they are masters of that skill.

Autism is a spectrum and I met kids from across the spectrum on the playground.  All joyful, all fully supported, and all so amazing.

Sleep was so hard on Monday because I was so feeling the anticipation of my visit on Tuesday.  And I so did not want to leave when we were there.

A shining beacon of acceptance, love, and fostering greatness.

I love you Hirsch Academy!



3 thoughts on “Hirsch Rocks!

  1. Mary

    I have to say when we went there we felt so at peace!!!! Felt the love from the students but a faculty that so gets it!!!!

    Shelley you are an amazing leader, mentor, advocate and more!! Hope our program is just as good as yours!!!

    Our first week and a half is amazing!!! Feeling so blessed!

    Jordyn you truly are a gift from God!



  2. Aunty Sarah

    I KNEW it! From the weekend in Atlanta it was clear that magic happens at Hirsch.
    I’m so pleased you had a chance to visit….


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