All Communication is Good Communication

Quite a whirlwind of a week.

I am so happy that so many people were excited about a group on Facebook where families of kids and people like me could connect.  Family is important and I consider my fellow non, minimally, and unreliably speaking good friends to be family.

I want us all to be able to connect and unite.  Our common and different pasts all brought us to a place where we can now be beacons for others who lack doing as we do – communicating letter by letter not with our mouths.

I am disappointed that some seem to think it is ok to mess with a 14 and 21 year old’s wish for inclusiveness with our peers and their families.  Who does that?

I get people have a strong allegiance for method and/or provider.  The one that worked to unleash their voice.  Makes sense and is all good except when your foolish devotion blinds you to the bigger picture.

My point is to have your devotion and your peers too, takes getting that communication unleashed is our common goal, and to get on board for THAT.  Then, and only then, will we be a virtually unstoppable force.  The conversations about method will come after the current barricades of non-belief are shifted.  The method will be “what works for the individual” not a prescription.

I love all the providers of the different methods but if I owe my ability to communicate to anyone, that person is my Mom.  She has stood by my side, powerfully listening for my self-expression, endured day-in-and day-out assaults from my pinch happy hands, and has had questions directly from people who don’t see the big picture and has always continued to stand for my, and everyone’s, right to communication and self-expression.

Maybe it is time for the subject matter experts to take a stand.  Ask yourself, or your child or student, what they think and allow for them to lead your actions.  Or just be a good human and get out of the way.






6 thoughts on “All Communication is Good Communication

  1. David Teplitz

    Hi Jordyn,

    I type to communicate and I once had what you described as “pinch happy Hands”. It made my life difficult as a few of my aides did not understandingly want to work with me anymore. My mom, like yours, did stick by me. What I want to tell you is that I am now almost 23 and I have not pinched for about 6 years. It just went away. I’m sure the same will happen to you.

    You are right that all communication is good. I learned to type without FC or RPM, I just had a great teacher and parents who refused to give up on me. I am now a Junior at UC Berkeley. Good luck to you.

    David Teplitz

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    1. David,
      Thank you. I am so happy you connected with me and get it. My mom never wavered in her knowing I was trapped and looking for an access to the true me. No reason from anyone stopped her listening to her gut and her vision for a wonderful life for me.


  2. FC, RPM, Spelling to Communicate….yes, they all serve the BIG picture…everyone having the right to be included and participate using the methods that work best for them. Planting seeds and spreading what I know with the world excites me to strive for teaching others. I don’t want to keep my passions closed in a private group in fear of a naysayer having access. It pains me when posts and/or groups need to be deleted. I hear and understand that we do this to protect a method that is so beautiful, worthy, and loving. Yet, it brings such sadness to my heart because I am reminded that we still live in a world of duality. We are one but separate. We are love but fear-based. With one individual at a time, with one step at a time…we will open hearts and break down barriers.
    With a confused, emotional, and grateful heart.

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