Please Have Compassion

No really good things can happen without compassion.

Without compassion you can not listen without your guilded nonsense – otherwise known as the opinions, justifications, and filters that warn you of impending danger.  Danger, in a conversation, just isn’t bad the way getting slapped in the face is.

How can you really see someone or hear what they are saying through your nonsense?  Wanting to totally be a really spectacular friend, spouse, co-worker, etc. means actively putting your nonsense to the side and being present.  Powerful listening is an action of compassion and vision beyond real value, sacrificing our nonsense allows for understanding and building a trusting foundation.  It says “I’m a strong person and I get you.”

Love is being able to set aside your nonsense and be with another, willing to be vulnerable and real.  Let’s up our compassion, especially for those we would tend to judge or avoid.  That is one action that can make a humongous impact.

Who will you exercise your compassion muscle with today?




2 thoughts on “Please Have Compassion

  1. Hi Jordyn,

    Very astute – you are a smart young man. One thing that is related to compassion is empathy. You cannot have true compassion without it, and you cannot develop without a willingness to put yourself in the place of the other. I know you have both.

    I love you,


    Richard Lang | “whatever it takes”

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