Hope is quite real

Good really nice and helpful humans will sometimes want to manage your expectations by doing things to assuage a glimmer of hope.  This is done not cruelly, but because they don’t want to see you brokenhearted.  However, I believe this is a complete disservice to the person.

Absolutely nothing in life is guaranteed.  One method of therapy may work for one person and not another.  That is just the nature of being an individual.

Ask yourself if you trust your own inner guidance, that is the only guidance you need.

You are uniquely attuned to what is right for you and your family.  Guide from a place of really free thinking and you will surprise yourself the directions you choose to go.  You owe no one an explanation for your choices.  They will have whatever reaction they have, and that is more about them than you.

Be bold.  Live free.  Do what feels right for you.  No excuses and no explanations required.




5 thoughts on “Hope is quite real

  1. Well said, but I disagree with you. Hope is a killer. Hope – the belief that something will happen to make things different – puts the power outside of you and when it fails, you are hurt. Getting your hopes up isn’t helpful. But that’s just how I see it.

    Again, you astound me (and all of us) with your brilliance, insight and amazing linguistic contributions!


    Richard Lang | “whatever it takes” | Cell: 415-378-3552

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    1. Richard,

      Disagreeing is ok. Our beliefs on hope are different. I can totally see your point too. I choose to believe that without hope that something can change, there is paralysis and that just makes the very thing that you could have hoped for unreachable. Having hope doesn’t negate working your tail off for results! It empowers that work.


  2. tammy tetreault

    And I disagree with Richard…but that requires an explanation…
    I think, perhaps, that the issue is with the word “hope” – “belief” might be a better option. While both, in some scenarios, can be interchangeable…that is not always the case.
    Hope, or belief, can be painful. For anyone. At any time. Particularly when expectations aren’t met.
    But that doesn’t mean that they aren’t useful…or worthy…all it means is that, at that particular moment or time, they weren’t in fruition…the “timing was off”…
    Here’s the thing – google either and their definition is, more or less, the same. To dismiss one is to ignore the other. Can’t be done.
    In YOUR application, I think it is more apt that a “belief” is what drives the show…”hope” does suggest a lack of influence on the outcome – kudos to Richard for highlighting that! (It’s confusing, for sure!!!)
    I think that believing you are going to find what’s right, for you, is all you need to know. Really.
    As for the rest of us and what we think…what do we know? We’re only “hoping” to get it right…

    “””Be bold. Live free. Do what feels right for you. No excuses and no explanations required.”””
    (Can I use this quote or should I start paying you royalties???)

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    1. Tammy,

      I should not enter into a battle of language with the two of you (you and Richard). I think my overall point is understood, so I won’t argue belief, hope, possibility, etc. Splitting hairs about the right words is like looking at one tree versus taking in the forest.

      Yes use the quote, but give me props. No royalties required.


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