Each day is right in reference to recharging.

My body is easily wiped.  With controlling impulses, angelically helping others energetically, managing to be productive, and riffing on Facebook comments, my export of my limited energy is huge.  If I don’t balance this with some good recharge time the first thing to go is body control.

You know what it feels like when you have the flu and a trip to the fridge wipes you out?  Well, try living that way for extended periods of time and you get a glimpse of my world.

Mommy is constantly attempting to find the balance point for me getting everything I want to accomplish done while we leave space for all that could happen.  Quite a juggling act she has going on.

We have had a few really balanced days lately and they are the best.  Then a weekend of adventure and balanced with movies.  Each day valuable in its own way.  The key is more recharge than output right now, as I recover from big adventures and crappy sickness.

Mommy is doing a really good job, and she is getting drained.  So, my request for those that love us is to be patient while WE find our balance and can give more and more to the community. Mommy is very talented and a total gift to families, and a burnt out Mommy is no good to anyone.

And we are so wanting to make a difference that can be lasting and growing.

Angelically yours,




3 thoughts on “Each day is right in reference to recharging.

  1. Wendy

    Keith and I say “wow, just wow”. Oh and thanks for the reminder that recharging is important. I have days of ” I can’t go on” thinking that I must. Nope. Time to simply recharge!!!

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