Angels so peacefully walk among us

Being connected by a common thread for all we love and hate requires so much energy.

Now going to occasions where many angels gather, is getting tougher on me.  Especially those angels who are unaware of their true selves and are being told who they are by those that love them.

My parents accept and support my loving angelic self, while gauging all I want to accomplish against the energetic toll on me.

Less angels would not be as sensitive to talk of guest in their space.  I lose energy with any negativity or being hard on oneself.  Good thing I can tell those I love to chill out.

Mommy looks like she is chill, but that is good facade so she can play so nice with just love.  Underneath she is always questioning her value.

I am so lucky to witness the moments when all goes quiet in her busy mind and she is only present.

Being my Communication Partner or my proxy during a presentation are two of those times.  She becomes a conduit through which communication is delivered.  My Mom is a kick ass presenter and Communication Partner because she prioritizes the communication over her thought, feelings, and ego.  Simply put, she gets herself completely out of the way.

I lucked out to have such an angel of a Mommy.  Being given the space to create my mission and life as happily as I want has me create big and play big.  You should keep watching this space.



9 thoughts on “Angels so peacefully walk among us

    1. I am trying to be an open book so more parents can get they do not need to control their kids. Or micro-manage their life. I think the more the environment we grow up in alters the more my angelic friends will be comfortable spreading their wings and showing themselves.
      100% being an angel in a human body is not easy when wings are shut and bound.

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  1. The moment I saw you I knew you were an angel. It didn’t hurt that Gabriel told me so. I know your mission, and I am here to support you in any way possible. It will be awesome when people see the Divinity of autism as it truly is, not the way it’s been created. As for your mom, she is the most extraordinary person I know. Our working together helps me get to know who she is at the core, and helped me understand who I was as well. She is one big heart, and she devotes it all to you.

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