Passionate and quite angelic with me

I have quite a hard time with storms.  The pressure is war on my muscles and joints.  I ache all over.

This weekend sucked with the constant rain of ice pellets.  Quite a cacophony of aches and soreness.  Body control is always less when I hurt.  I needed lots of down time.

Always helpful Mommy gave me homeopathics, pressure, and a lot of patience and love.  Sometimes too much patience when she should walk away from my positively seesaw demolition man body.

Yes, for ways to support me.  I love when my friends help me with my unruly body.  No, I do not want to harm anyone.  So friends, and Mommy, need to sometimes go away and let me deal.




3 thoughts on “Passionate and quite angelic with me

  1. Jordyn,
    I totally get from where you are coming. I have been feeling a shift in the realm. Gabriel says to look to dark blue and orange for the next two weeks. Close down you lower chakras and focus on the higher ones. Another major ‘download’ is being prepared for May 19, 20 & 21. Day one – white light, day two – green light, day three – violet light.
    There is more, but only for you.
    Love you.

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      1. Thank you, Jordyn. I am so excited about your leadership and letting Gabriel direct you. You life is going to get so much bigger.

        When you have some time, I think we need to talk.

        Luv ya much.


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