Understand I am super sensitive

Many may wonder about my energy level and sensitivity to the environment.  I hope my sharing my experience here can help others like me.

Just think how walking into a raucous party may uplift you, or walking into a funeral home might have you feel down, or being in a room where people are arguing and you feel the tension.  Well, turn your sensitivity to those emotional environments up by 1000.

Just keeping my body under control to navigate the every day uses all the energy I have.  Now add an emotionally charged environment and/or people and I’m tapped out of control energy.  Like asking a car to maneuver on fumes, it isn’t always going to make it to the station.

I have been having a very hard week after the incident in Toronto with the van.  The way the environment has reacted is highly charged and there isn’t enough joy to balance it out.

I am hoping that the city can move on quickly, because the impact of living in negative emotion soup is affecting everyone.  I feel deeply for those affected directly and am sending them healing energy, but don’t have enough for everyone.

To be an angel is to want to help and heal all.  Daring to be me and not turn off my heart and thankful for a Communication and Regulation Partner who flows with me and grounds me.  Always keeping herself as even keel as possible so I can be my best self.


{image copied from, and credited to https://buddha-corner.com/blogs/news/5-things-you-can-do-today-to-attract-positive-energy}


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