River refresh

My all time favourite place on Earth is just up the road from my house.  The river rages or slowly gurgles depending on the time of year.

Currently I can’t wade in for long because it is just way too cold.  However, that doesn’t stop me from making short trips into the flowing water.

I love the feel of muck squishing between my toes and over the years the river muck has successfully eaten a few Crocs.  The water rushing around my body feels like it is cleansing any bad energy that I may have accumulated.  The hanging canopy of trees wraps me in a blanket of nature, no quasi diabolical and draining WiFi signals to deal with.

Taking walks down the middle of the river is my sensory deprivation tank experience of calming and peacefulness.  I am so grateful to be able to go there almost daily from May to November.  Happiness is the river by my house.



4 thoughts on “River refresh

  1. Aunty Sarah

    My shoulders just dropped two inches (from up around my ears) reading your description.
    I love your river, buddy. And I love you. Might bring Auntie Terry for a Pallett babes visit with mummy soon…



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