Ship sails without warning

Body control is tricky, as I’ve mentioned.  My body likes what it likes and sometimes it takes everything I have to stop one activity and follow a direction given.  Sometimes it hijacks whatever I am up to that is purposeful with an impulse to climb under the covers of my bed.

When I set an intention or goal that involves more body control, the biggest thing I need is patience.  Like learning to Spell to Communicate I need lots of support through prompting at the start.  And as I develop the motor pathways the prompts can be faded.  It is tedious but effective when practiced consistently.

We specifically are working on me dressing independently right now.  I tap out what I want my body to do on my laminate board then Mommy uses only continuation prompts like “do it” or “get it” to keep me moving to execute the command I gave my body.  I feel the pathways myelinating each morning.

When I set my mind to it, and have the proper loving support, I am clear that the only thing between me and autonomy is time.  Anything I want is possible.  The ship of thinking “I can’t” has sailed.




I am a sneaky genius

A few weeks ago my friend Katie got bold in a lesson and asked me what I wanted to do for Mommy for Mother’s Day.  My answer was PARTY.  She worked very hard, as we are not fluent on the boards together yet.  We hatched a plan to surprise Mommy with brunch.

I picked the restaurant, the guest list, and the gifts.  The hardest thing was fooling Mom on real Mother’s Day.  I got her some flowers that day with Katie to make sure she was surprised this weekend.

Daddy, Erica, Poppy, and Laura did a good job of keeping it secret.  I love my sneaky family.

So fun to finally be able to surprise and love on Mommy.  She deserves big celebrations.



I love my community

Just this past weekend I had the honour of hosting an S2C workshop with Elizabeth Vosseller (EV). We had 14 families with two or three lessons each.  Four new families to EV, and two brand new to boards. There were travelers from Kitchener area and beyond, St. Catherine’s, and the GTA. Ages of students ranged from 8 to 18.

I so loved having my peeps in my hood. How amazing it is to be an Ambassador for these wickedly smart and funny kids.

One of the best feelings in the World is being able to create a space where the magic of communication can expand.  Mom and I passionately advocate for everyone to be their authentic selves and have freedom to express themselves.  Going above and beyond we really always listen for student’s greatness while being a happy grounding force for parents.

I can’t thank Dr. Mark, Dr. Jess, Dr. Trevor and their amazing Staff enough for the use of the space at their offices.  It was perfect!

Absolutely a most badass weekend.


(S2C = Spelling to Communicate)

Body control is tricky

All my life I have struggled with controlling my body.  Whether it was not getting my mouth to say the words I wanted or violently biting and scratching when my sensory system was overloaded, I always felt powerless.  Thankfully, I have very patient and persevering parents who believe in me.

This weekend was a huge test of how far I’ve come.  My body has very set routines at home, so disruptions cause dysregulation.  I am used to having access to YouTube when I need it to help me regulate.  A really bad windstorm Friday knocked out our power, and boy did I need YouTube to get me through the windstorm which sounded like we were in the middle of a jet engine to my ears and sent my sensory system over the edge.

All night Mom and Dad read to me to help me deal.  If you haven’t read my friend Jackson Khabra’s book “Autism and How My Brain Works”, you should.  It was very calming to listen to Jackson’s words and experience of life, which is like mine in many ways.  I was very proud of our teamwork to get me through.

Awaking Saturday, still without power my usual morning chill time was disrupted.  We got out of the house fast and stayed out for the day.  Again reading helped me past my bodies expectations.

Sunday we went for a drive until ready for our lunch date with my Mimi [my grandma].  I was really proud of how well I managed the whole weekend, which could have been one big disaster.

I am so glad my Mom put control of how to deal in my hands.  I got to push myself and manage my impulsive body through it all.


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