Body control is tricky

All my life I have struggled with controlling my body.  Whether it was not getting my mouth to say the words I wanted or violently biting and scratching when my sensory system was overloaded, I always felt powerless.  Thankfully, I have very patient and persevering parents who believe in me.

This weekend was a huge test of how far I’ve come.  My body has very set routines at home, so disruptions cause dysregulation.  I am used to having access to YouTube when I need it to help me regulate.  A really bad windstorm Friday knocked out our power, and boy did I need YouTube to get me through the windstorm which sounded like we were in the middle of a jet engine to my ears and sent my sensory system over the edge.

All night Mom and Dad read to me to help me deal.  If you haven’t read my friend Jackson Khabra’s book “Autism and How My Brain Works”, you should.  It was very calming to listen to Jackson’s words and experience of life, which is like mine in many ways.  I was very proud of our teamwork to get me through.

Awaking Saturday, still without power my usual morning chill time was disrupted.  We got out of the house fast and stayed out for the day.  Again reading helped me past my bodies expectations.

Sunday we went for a drive until ready for our lunch date with my Mimi [my grandma].  I was really proud of how well I managed the whole weekend, which could have been one big disaster.

I am so glad my Mom put control of how to deal in my hands.  I got to push myself and manage my impulsive body through it all.


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3 thoughts on “Body control is tricky

  1. Aunty Sarah

    Right on! I
    ‘m so pleased to hear about your weekend and your coping strategies!
    We played candlelight scrabble out here to pass the time. #MyEyesAreDim

    Mimi must have been SO excited to see you ~ and I’ll bet it meant the world to her that you pushed through to make the visit happen ♡♡♡♡♡


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