Ship sails without warning

Body control is tricky, as I’ve mentioned.  My body likes what it likes and sometimes it takes everything I have to stop one activity and follow a direction given.  Sometimes it hijacks whatever I am up to that is purposeful with an impulse to climb under the covers of my bed.

When I set an intention or goal that involves more body control, the biggest thing I need is patience.  Like learning to Spell to Communicate I need lots of support through prompting at the start.  And as I develop the motor pathways the prompts can be faded.  It is tedious but effective when practiced consistently.

We specifically are working on me dressing independently right now.  I tap out what I want my body to do on my laminate board then Mommy uses only continuation prompts like “do it” or “get it” to keep me moving to execute the command I gave my body.  I feel the pathways myelinating each morning.

When I set my mind to it, and have the proper loving support, I am clear that the only thing between me and autonomy is time.  Anything I want is possible.  The ship of thinking “I can’t” has sailed.





7 thoughts on “Ship sails without warning

  1. Nike Nordlander

    Beautiful to hear how you and your mom work together! I work as a teacher and this fall I might have four non-speaking autistic individuals in my class. The oldest one 11 years old and the youngest only five! I always have a couple of aides in class and for me it’s a huge problem how they keep on remarking on students in a rude way (with very blaming, angry or tired voices). Reading your and other autistic kids and teenagers accounts really helps me in how to deal with this. If we were all better educated in what your reality really is like, se could do such wonderful work!

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    1. How about they watch my documentary and Deej!
      And maybe you set up a consult with Elizabeth Vosseller or my mom. They can explain the brain and types of actions to you classroom aids and hopefully alter their mindset.
      Keep reaching out and sharing. My mission is to be a beacon, so use me up.


  2. Aunty Sarah

    J-man, if time and fate had brought us together in my 30’s, I think my reactions would have been NUMEROUS enthusiastic, expletive-filled reactions of support. As it is, you caught me in late- middle age and I tend to now tear up or weep with joy and gratitude at your blogs and communication.
    My deepest hope is that teachers like Nike Norlander find you early enough not to make the regretful mistakes that so many of us make/made around a) assuming that we weren’t heard when speaking about someone whose body disregulated and b) not presuming competence.

    I don’t have words to tell you how much I love you and how important you are (us), and how freaking proud I am of everything you are.. and everything you do.
    To the moon and back,
    Auntie Sarah


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