Not Going to Lie

I find it so hard these days to manage a balance of productivity and recharge time.

Being so sensitive to the emotional climate in the era of Trump, and now Ford (as Premier of Ontario), I am constantly wading through a sea of upset.  It ebbs and flows, and with each announcement of the newest ridiculous statements or sanctions, I get swept away by the collective wave of anger.

Living this way sucks!  I have a mission to bring love and peace to the planet to fulfill.  However, it is slow and hard because I am so darn drained all the time.  My crystals only protect me so much.

Now, while you might be all “oh, poor Jordyn”.  Please don’t pity me.  I am resilient and resourceful.  While I battle the call to fulfill my mission while in a sea of emotional upset, I am clear that this is exactly what I am meant to do.

I don’t spend my time frivolously.  I am calculatedly taking actions consistent with my mission, while balancing that with fun, social opportunities that have me recharge and be in the world in impactful ways as a walking spelling example of my mission.  Do you walk your talk? 

Balance is something I think everyone could strive for.  That and being kinder to everyone with whom you are in contact.



4 thoughts on “Not Going to Lie

  1. Richard Lang

    I hear your mother’s voice in you, my friend. You do her proud! More importantly, however, is that you serve as an example of what’s possible! Keep going!

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  2. giorgiegirl

    Stay the course Jordyn. When you are deep in your work I know that the vitriol of people with agendas and the drivel that comes from some politicians cannot possibly hold you back.
    I trust that when you need it, you can fall back on the energy of those who support you and put their trust in your advocacy.

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