Do you get crappy sleep?

I have been having a lot of trouble lately with my sleep.  My sensitive body is prone to illness, including body aches and nausea.  These occur with low barometric pressure, so rain is my nemesis.  I take some naturopathic remedies to help with the aches, but they only do so much.  So, I nap!

Being this sensitive frankly sucks!  I nap for 3-4 hours and then am tired and wired at bedtime and am not able to fall asleep.  Joy can diminish when you are always so tired.

I am now determined to sort this out.  It absolutely is taking its toll on Mom.  She isn’t getting the sleep she needs because she is up during the night helping me to get my wired body to relax enough to sleep.  I am not doing this to be a little stinker, I am truly having genuine trouble falling asleep at night even when I haven’t napped or slept well the previous night.  It is impacting my ability to be the best body controlled version of myself I can be.  I have so much work to do, but am falling asleep during work hours.  Just sucks!

I am not telling you this as a way to elicit your pity.  I am telling you that like me, others have real issues with sleep and need your support to work it out.  This is relatively a new situation for us, but I have gone through phases like this before.  Different reasons, same lack of sleep.  I am well aware of the impact of lack of sleep.  Doing a lesson on it isn’t going to make a stitch of difference.  Mom and I are brainstorming solutions together to break this horrible pattern.  I know we will because we are a powerful pair.

In a state of eyes half open,


5 thoughts on “Do you get crappy sleep?

  1. Rose Chand

    Hi Jordyn
    Aruns mom here..
    We deal with the on and off of good sleeps for many years now. Arun is presently in a good sleep phase and I always enjoy the extra sleep.
    This too shall pass is my favourite saying .

    Feel better soon

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  2. Jordyn I have an inner ear disorder that causes vertigo and nausea. I know it’s different than what you have to endure…. but I think I understand a little. Cold weather & storms make life very challenging. I cannot drive much in the winter. This unfortunately limits us a lot as a family during colder months.
    My daughter also struggles with periods of sleeplessness. As exhausting as it is sometimes I cherish the moments of quiet snuggling to provide deep pressure to help her body relax. I hope this passes for you soon so you and your mom can get this and get some much needed rest.
    Much love from your friends in Rhode Island.

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  3. Cassandra

    Have u tried cannabis cbd’s…this just might help u greatly with ur sleep….also may help u get more control over rocky…better results with a little THC mixed in with the CBD… definitely worth a try…I think u will be pleasantly suprised my young friend
    With love

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