Just be a good advocate

I am constantly processing the world around me.  Every feeling, mood, shift in energy is flowing through my sensory system.  I am a walking energetic barometer.

It takes all the little energy I have to keep it together in public settings.  When I get depleted my ability to control my body decreases exponentially.  I either start to squeeze Mom’s face, stim on my drawing board more, or just plain pass out with Mom as my most excellent pillow and back rest.

This past weekend was extremely hard.  Being a person of some notoriety in my community, I feel compelled to push myself to be present and available and grounded for my peers.   Just want them to have lasting inspiration and a measure to strive for when it comes to body control.  I want to lead by example, and yet what I discovered for myself this weekend is that was a false representation of what body control looks like.

What is a better goal is to demonstrate autonomy and expressing my needs and wants.  I can feel that while a lot of my peers have access to their voices, they are still trapped in a world of parental and societal expectations and are not fully self-expressed.  It would serve parents reading to find out from your non-speaker how much parental pleasing your kid engages in.

I am now on a mission to unleash self-expression and purposeful, passionate, mission fulfilling communication in my peers.

Watch out World!  We are here to make a profound impact.

I love you all,


Do you stand with non-speakers?

Do you believe in the intelligence and competence of all human beings?  Each person having a right to their communication method?  Innovation is what makes the World grow and evolve over distrust, fear, and doing the same ineffective things over and over again?

Please stand with us if you are a yes to any of these questions!

United for Communication Choice is standing for all forms of AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication) to be recognized equally.  Please like their Facebook page and check out their Website and, where you can, help us spread the message.

Before change can happen, more questions need to be asked of those against these forms of self-expression.  Only in seeking to understand the basis of their fear of innovation, can we speak to that fear and address their concerns in a way they can hear.  Defense with “You are Wrong!” only digs their heals in further.  Finding common ground from which to converse and powerfully listen to another and create partnership based on wanting the best for non-speakers.


What is purposeful motor

I spent my last week at Spiral Garden, a day camp run out of Holland Bloorview Rehabilitation Hospital in Toronto.  This is my second summer doing a week at this camp.  My mom attends as my Communication and Regulation Partner.

With loving assertiveness and intention, her job is to have me do the work to create my art.  Body management is a full time job there, as I am easily becoming impulsive with the myriad of stimuli.

Knowing my intentions to create a lot of clay art gifts and canvas art pieces, Mom ensures my body is engaged in rolling, cutting, applying slip, scoring, stamping, and glazing. Lovingly intentionally guiding my body away from her phone or my drawing board.

I watched a few helpers of kids like me tell people that their charge for the day wasn’t interested in painting or doing clay.  I could bet you big money that if they had a reliable voice they would have said something like “Help me make something please.  Don’t take what you see as an indication of my wants.  I have little control over this skin bag.”  Caring for their inner voice needs to be taught to these big-hearted volunteers who are doing their very best.

Purposeful motor engages my body and overrides my impulsive pathways.  The more I practice purposeful activities the less hold my impulsive actions have over my body.  Having the right kind of support is critical.


Can we all be grateful

I am noticing the rat race we live in.  Forever planning, executing, reflecting and adjusting.  Always in search of more, better, and different.  Justified in being an eagle  hovering over the intimate relationships in your life – disconnected.

Is this what life is about?

I think not!  How about slowing down?  How about deciding that the juice in life is in the intimate and connected moments?  Being present with another with no agenda, no distractions, just you is the wealthiest life one could hope for.

Doing life is different than being alive!  Joy is being alive, present, and making a difference.  I hope for a joyful life for you all.


Does Self-Love Matter?

co-written by Graciela Lotharius and Jordyn
(you can find more of Graciela’s words at www.daretolisten.org)

How do we bring more self-love to those we encounter?  It’s not an easy task.  Just loving people is not enough for them to give up being self-deprecating.  Strong self-love works for those who can stop seeing their flaws in order to understand the terrific beauty hidden underneath.

Joy can be found in what each difference from the “norm” brings to the tapestry of humanity.  When we love ourselves deeply we can really spread that love to others.  By being someone so accepting of our own differences, we demonstrate a state of such pure self-love, that others can’t help but get over themselves.

Try to start practicing this today, instead of taking yourself down the road too often traveled of not seeing the terrific beauty in yourself.  Or you can get yourself a bigger problem to solve and use your differences as assets.  Or, if the problem is big enough – like bringing peace to the planet – then you can’t solve it without first bringing peace to yourself.

It is not easy to get out of your own way sometimes, but it is so worth trying so that our love knows no boundaries.  What if our World was filled with that kind of pure love?  Then we would be in the World so filled with truth and joy, and our lives would be so much happier.

(image credit: Susie Lotharius)

Being a B.S. Detector

The ability of kids like me to detect your B.S. (a.k.a. the inconsistency between your emotional state and the facade your portray) is highly acute.  Faking around us doesn’t work, and does the additional job of confusing us and we must engage our fight or flight response not knowing who we have in front of us.

Sometimes, you may think we are reacting strongly to another stimuli, but I assure you more often than not is your B.S.  I would rather hang out with a sad person who’s outsides match their insides.  I know what to do with that.  Be caring, compassionate, and a good friend.  When you “hide” your sadness or upset, I have no idea which to interact with, the inside or outside.

I am a caring and compassionate being who always creates a loving environment around me.  If you can’t be real with me, you aren’t being real with yourself.

What would the world look like if we all matched our inside with outside?  If we empowered each other through listening freely, without judgment?  If we cared for each other while allowing freedom of belief and opinion?

Don’t hang around me unless you want to be called on your B.S. and listened to powerfully.  I am here to bring more peace and love to the planet, starting one person at a time.


{chosen image credited to http://foundationforconsciousliving.com/authenticity/}