Being a B.S. Detector

The ability of kids like me to detect your B.S. (a.k.a. the inconsistency between your emotional state and the facade your portray) is highly acute.  Faking around us doesn’t work, and does the additional job of confusing us and we must engage our fight or flight response not knowing who we have in front of us.

Sometimes, you may think we are reacting strongly to another stimuli, but I assure you more often than not is your B.S.  I would rather hang out with a sad person who’s outsides match their insides.  I know what to do with that.  Be caring, compassionate, and a good friend.  When you “hide” your sadness or upset, I have no idea which to interact with, the inside or outside.

I am a caring and compassionate being who always creates a loving environment around me.  If you can’t be real with me, you aren’t being real with yourself.

What would the world look like if we all matched our inside with outside?  If we empowered each other through listening freely, without judgment?  If we cared for each other while allowing freedom of belief and opinion?

Don’t hang around me unless you want to be called on your B.S. and listened to powerfully.  I am here to bring more peace and love to the planet, starting one person at a time.


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2 thoughts on “Being a B.S. Detector

  1. Alison

    Love this post Jordyn, Asha Grace’ grandpa has been in the hospital since April with broken hip and femur, that said I would like for us to get together with you, are you in Toronto ona Saturday? Love your friend Asha Grace and Alison


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