Does Self-Love Matter?

co-written by Graciela Lotharius and Jordyn
(you can find more of Graciela’s words at

How do we bring more self-love to those we encounter?  It’s not an easy task.  Just loving people is not enough for them to give up being self-deprecating.  Strong self-love works for those who can stop seeing their flaws in order to understand the terrific beauty hidden underneath.

Joy can be found in what each difference from the “norm” brings to the tapestry of humanity.  When we love ourselves deeply we can really spread that love to others.  By being someone so accepting of our own differences, we demonstrate a state of such pure self-love, that others can’t help but get over themselves.

Try to start practicing this today, instead of taking yourself down the road too often traveled of not seeing the terrific beauty in yourself.  Or you can get yourself a bigger problem to solve and use your differences as assets.  Or, if the problem is big enough – like bringing peace to the planet – then you can’t solve it without first bringing peace to yourself.

It is not easy to get out of your own way sometimes, but it is so worth trying so that our love knows no boundaries.  What if our World was filled with that kind of pure love?  Then we would be in the World so filled with truth and joy, and our lives would be so much happier.

(image credit: Susie Lotharius)


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