Can we all be grateful

I am noticing the rat race we live in.  Forever planning, executing, reflecting and adjusting.  Always in search of more, better, and different.  Justified in being an eagle  hovering over the intimate relationships in your life – disconnected.

Is this what life is about?

I think not!  How about slowing down?  How about deciding that the juice in life is in the intimate and connected moments?  Being present with another with no agenda, no distractions, just you is the wealthiest life one could hope for.

Doing life is different than being alive!  Joy is being alive, present, and making a difference.  I hope for a joyful life for you all.



2 thoughts on “Can we all be grateful

  1. Tammie Sarra

    This is so timely Jordyn. Yesterday I was mad at everything, the guy that cut in front of me, the person at the gas station, an issue I am dealing with everything! It occurred to me as I was mad at the world that this was no way to live and I didn’t want to be in a perpetual state of anger. I started the mantra “I am love, I am love, love and kindness surrounds me” today was a much different day, I noticed the grass was greener, the skies bluer and the birds sounded sweeter. I refuse to let myself become a walking ball of anger. I am love I am love I always surrounded by love and kindness! Thank you buddy you make the world more loving and kind just being here in this universe! Love you Jordyn!

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