What is purposeful motor

I spent my last week at Spiral Garden, a day camp run out of Holland Bloorview Rehabilitation Hospital in Toronto.  This is my second summer doing a week at this camp.  My mom attends as my Communication and Regulation Partner.

With loving assertiveness and intention, her job is to have me do the work to create my art.  Body management is a full time job there, as I am easily becoming impulsive with the myriad of stimuli.

Knowing my intentions to create a lot of clay art gifts and canvas art pieces, Mom ensures my body is engaged in rolling, cutting, applying slip, scoring, stamping, and glazing. Lovingly intentionally guiding my body away from her phone or my drawing board.

I watched a few helpers of kids like me tell people that their charge for the day wasn’t interested in painting or doing clay.  I could bet you big money that if they had a reliable voice they would have said something like “Help me make something please.  Don’t take what you see as an indication of my wants.  I have little control over this skin bag.”  Caring for their inner voice needs to be taught to these big-hearted volunteers who are doing their very best.

Purposeful motor engages my body and overrides my impulsive pathways.  The more I practice purposeful activities the less hold my impulsive actions have over my body.  Having the right kind of support is critical.



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