Just be a good advocate

I am constantly processing the world around me.  Every feeling, mood, shift in energy is flowing through my sensory system.  I am a walking energetic barometer.

It takes all the little energy I have to keep it together in public settings.  When I get depleted my ability to control my body decreases exponentially.  I either start to squeeze Mom’s face, stim on my drawing board more, or just plain pass out with Mom as my most excellent pillow and back rest.

This past weekend was extremely hard.  Being a person of some notoriety in my community, I feel compelled to push myself to be present and available and grounded for my peers.   Just want them to have lasting inspiration and a measure to strive for when it comes to body control.  I want to lead by example, and yet what I discovered for myself this weekend is that was a false representation of what body control looks like.

What is a better goal is to demonstrate autonomy and expressing my needs and wants.  I can feel that while a lot of my peers have access to their voices, they are still trapped in a world of parental and societal expectations and are not fully self-expressed.  It would serve parents reading to find out from your non-speaker how much parental pleasing your kid engages in.

I am now on a mission to unleash self-expression and purposeful, passionate, mission fulfilling communication in my peers.

Watch out World!  We are here to make a profound impact.

I love you all,



4 thoughts on “Just be a good advocate

  1. Aunty Sarah

    As a model ‘over-commiter’ and pleaser, I totally hear you. It’s a tough lesson to learn to dial back and focus on taking care of yourself first.

    Also, try and remember to be kind enough to yourself on the journey towards your goals, to give yourself the space to overdo things and use your experience to relate to how that can impact people (speakers and non- speakers alike).
    The fun’s in the journey! ❤❤

    *also, I miss your handsome face. 😊
    Aunty Sarah


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