Can we not be silent please?

One thing I have been noticing is how easy it is for parents in group situations to forget to be a Communication Partner for their non-speaker.  Parents get wrapped up in discussing plans for the future or their story of the past and forget to be present in the moment.

A Communication Partner, in my opinion, creates and seeks out opportunities to empower their non-speaker’s voice and intentions.  They are an extension of the non-speaker, not their to hold a board when an opportunity to communicate is presented to them.

My mom is tirelessly ensuring that my intentions are fulfilled in private, and more importantly, when we are in groups of my peers.  She ensures she knows my body management goals and my social goals (who I want to converse with to forward my mission in life).  Getting to all this, while ensuring she takes care of our friends, is a full time job.  I think Mom reached her limit a couple times this month, and is learning boundaries while always expanding her capacity, and never just giving up on who she knows herself to be.  I know I sing her praises often, and that that could be viewed as her influencing as a practitioner, but I believe in expressing gratitude where gratitude is warranted.

Mom has been a champion for full self-expression and powerful communication from long before I was born.  She has empowered more leaders in this world by powerfully listening for what is needed and wanted to fulfill their life’s purpose, than anyone reading this could possibly fathom.  She does this without the need for acknowledgement or accolades, with power, grace, and humility.  She is one no nonsense chick.

But, I digress, and always want people to get her magnificence and how truly gifted she is.  Parents would benefit from watching who she is being and what she is doing.  Plus, benefit from listening to this coaching:  “Be very clear of your, and your non-speaker’s intentions and be straight about whether you will be their parent or their designated Communication Partner at events.  Honour your non-speaker’s intentions and goals.  Be kind and empowering to the voiceless!  Only when given a board and an empowering question can we express ourselves. ”

My mission is to unleash our voices.  Who is with me?

Purposefully passionate,