Do you believe in Freedom of Choice?

I am saddened to update you that ASHA has adopted the position statement they asked for feedback regarding.

This is a foggy but necessary time in our road to acceptance and unquestioning belief.  Like many truths that have come to be realized, first they laugh, then they scorn, then they see their error.

Love is the answer, always! PLEASE don’t fill yourself with anger, it never helps anything.

Going the route of derogatory comments and hate, defense and war, quite frankly is what has the World in the state it is right now.  You have the choice in each moment to understand, to inquire, to listen carefully and to find common ground.  We are the change we want to see in the World.

Just be good humans and we will be on the right side of history.

Remember who you are and stay true to yourselves.





7 thoughts on “Do you believe in Freedom of Choice?

  1. David Seback

    You have the biggest reason for being angry and resentful yet you choose to be the biggest advocate for loving, respectful dialogue. Thank you for leading the way forward.
    David (Noah’s Dad)


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