I am one sensitive guy

Being so sensitive can really mess with my productivity.  Like the two hour nap I just took to recover from travelling all day yesterday.  When I say just, I mean between my first and second sentences of this blog post.

I don’t quite know how to explain this to you, but I will give it my best shot.

I guess I could use and analogy, borrowed from my friend Valerie.  Everyone gets a certain number of energy dots a day.  For you, they last you all day and then some.  This is because the amount of dots you need to perform everyday things, like basically anything, is minimal.  But for me, I must take careful inventory and plan my activity accordingly.  Going into a public place like an airport may cost you a couple of dots, but for me it wipes out my cache for the day.

You see, from the auditory and visual over-stimulation to the emotional climate of frenetic travelers, to the energy required to get from point A to point B globally and inside the airports, it takes every dot I have to manage my body to be somewhat together.  I stim a lot while we travel to support myself in blocking out the sensory assault as much as possible.  You would see me drawing and writing on my doodle board, scripting indistinguishable passages from videos, or just plain falling asleep.

Going on trips we bank in a day after we arrive of nothing and a day after we get home of next to nothing.  I’m always a big pile of goo those two days.  Additionally, any big outing should be followed by a day of nothing.  I am a willing fun participant for all outings as long as they are spaced for some energy dot stockpiling.  I love love love adventures.

Loving and ingenious Mommy has deciphered the pattern and every trip we learn something new about how to make the trip more full and productive.



2 thoughts on “I am one sensitive guy

  1. crocker42

    I seem to have missed this blog, Jordyn. I think I met have been recovering from overdoing it on Sunday. It took me three days of sleeping to recover. I really do get what you are saying.

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