Have patience please

No amount of prompting can help when I am totally spent.  I just need to recharge and gain control again.

I get it is sometimes hard to know whether my body is reacting to stimulus and we should work through it, or it is time to call it a day (see above).  Sometimes I don’t know myself, until I know.

Making big steps with body control sometimes requires a combination of patience, loving intentional prompting, and definitely grounded teamwork.  Each time I take on a new challenge I must be willing to be gentle with myself, as getting frustrated with myself just compounds my dysregulation.

I wish I could just snap my fingers and be able to learn a new motor pattern, but that is not how my body works.  Fighting that battle is just wasted energy that I could use for good somewhere else.  Better to go with the flow and come back another day when the dysregulation current is slower and I have a chance of swimming against it purposefully than get caught in it and lose control all together.

I share this in hopes of helping others with similar issues with energy as me.  The war is won with smart strategy, not barreling forward half-cocked.  Let’s gain control in a smart, strategic, and balanced fashion.  One where we make small and steady gains, and feel satisfied at every step.  That is a life filled with joy, productivity, and big goals completed.  All of us are so deserving of that.  Bite what you can chew!

Intentionally recharging,


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