Elusive Dreamland

I am a little bit in a sleep deprived state, despite napping and resting a lot since my dental surgery under general anaesthesia a few weeks ago. I am writing about this not for sympathy, but so hopefully it can support others dealing with sleep issues.

Imagine your body being so darn tired it feels like it is filled with lead.  Now think of what it would take to make that body move to do any mundane task.

As a side note, it is almost a background concern of mine now to be getting dysregulated in public.  It used to very much be in the foreground.  Going out anywhere when in the state of deprived sleep I am in now, is completely draining and I’m not managing to keep my body regulated when I am out.

Imagine swimming through thick soup.  Now think of the effort it would take to get to your destination.

Just giving you those visuals is tiring me out.  Just thinking through this blog is draining.

Just love your kiddo who hasn’t been able to get a good night’s recharge.  I know it means you haven’t either.  My best advice is to remember that they are swimming through thick soup and busting their buns to regulate themselves.

I’ve found that while my body is exhausted my mind is running a mile a minute.  So I have a hyper bunny mind trying to manage a sluggish spasticly behaving body.  At night I can’t calm my mind down to go to sleep properly and end up needing help from Mommy and guided meditations.

Maybe when I am out of this mode, I can explain better.  But for now, that is as good as it gets.



One thought on “Elusive Dreamland

  1. crocker42

    Dear Sleepy Jordyn, You seem to be mirroring my state of mind the last few weeks. I also have spent much of my time since Saturday sleeping, I also am labouring through thick soup to get to where I need to be (Although I hadn’t thought of that analogy – thank you), I described it to myself as trying to climb up a very steep hill with lots of round pebbles so I keep sliding back. I do hope you feel energized again very soon. I didn’t know you had dental surgery. I hope you will be back to normal when the meds wear off. Feel better my dear love. Mimi


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