I loved “In Two Worlds”

In Two Worlds” was written by Ido Kedar.  If you haven’t read “Ido in Autismland” go get that too.

My love of this fictional tale of Anthony and his family comes from how well Ido paints a picture of life as a boy like Anthony.  Just going through the book freed me up to more fully share my own story… stay tuned.

Ido paints a picture so vivid you feel like you are there.  It isn’t all sunshine and roses for Anthony and his family, that’s for sure.  But what shines through is love, and a whole lot of determination in the face of nonsense.

I know a lot of my peers can relate to Anthony’s story.  And their parents, grandparents, and siblings could relate to those characters.  I hope that some of the “professional” characters in the novel are an exaggerated view from what families experience, but sadly I have heard too many real life stories that emulated in these character’s character.

Thanking my lucky stars, and my parents, that I have not had to deal with some of the situations that Anthony did.  I hope less of my peers have to as well.

Go get this well written novel and get into the world of families like ours.



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