Giving my energy a chance

This past weekend was a big test of my energy reserves.  After a completely busy week we headed to loving Auntie Sarah and Uncle Steve’s place for a big family reunion.

Now, understand that I request individual family visits because a gathering of more than about 4 other people (other than Mom and Dad) is so draining.  Now imaging a group of a dozen excited, and some nervous, gathering for lunch.  Some haven’t seen each other in years, some have never met.

Joy is hanging with family!  However, I could not get my body to stop moving long enough to have more than a couple brief talks with family members.  When I say brief I mean two short sentences.  I got my humorous licks in though.  Mom was an awesome wing woman as I flitted through the house and yard.  I lasted 2.5 hours and then was spent.

As we left Dad there to hang with his family, to go recharge in hopes of coming back in the evening, a school bus filled with the other side of Dad’s family and two more cars arrived.  I pretty much knew then that it was a slim chance I would be able to recharge enough to go back.  Lots of happy energy is just as draining as misery and upset.

Just couldn’t do it.  Made it back for brunch the next day and the bus load and some others had left, so brunch for 20 seemed doable.  I got to talk to a few more people for a little, and they all started heading for home so it was a little easier as numbers dwindled.

Just now recharged enough to write this blog because we have secluded ourselves for a day and a half.  This whole balancing output and recharge time is tricky, but I won’t let it stop me from experiencing life and people I love.



4 thoughts on “Giving my energy a chance

  1. Auntie Sarah

    J-Bomb… you dominated! I loved that you kept saying “I’ve gotta go soon” and then I’d look around and you were still hanging in!!

    Auntie T will not soon forget the lessons you suggested for Uncle S. 🙂 And you were just so amazing – the energy you were giving off filled the house with love and laughter. Thank you (and I’m sorry it depleted you so much to give it off!)

    Fantastic to have you sit and have breakfast (ps – i SAW where my nanaimo bar went (Ahem!) during brunch).
    My biggest regret was not heading over (or sending someone) with some of the delicious dinner when it became apparent that you weren’t coming back. Let’s you, me and mommy vow to keep that in mind when you’re balancing. (Always have backup food for you & mom)

    I love you to pieces and I’m thrilled you hung in for 3 days! (ps – I too, have secluded for the last 2 days… zzzzzzzzz)

    And what a GORGEOUS photo for the blog entry – Mimi will be thrilled out of her mind.
    Much love,
    Auntie Sarah
    #Favourite (bahaahaaaa!!!)

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  2. Judi Barta

    As your Aunt Sarah indicated, being around that many people is tiring for all of us, let along someone with regulation issues. My brother, who had autism, loved to see family, but he had a very short tolerance for how long he could stand to be around a lot of noise and confusion, especially when there were young kids running around an making noise,

    Good for you for knowing when you had enough and good for your mom for being willing to leave so you could get the quiet time you needed!!

    Your facebook friend,


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