Waves of Friendship

(co-written by Elliot Sylvester and Jordyn)

The best thing in the World is spending time with friends.
Always, with friends, you can totally be yourself.
I believe that the ability to be yourself is one of the greatest gifts.
Choosing friends is easy when they are as cool as Elliot.
Imagine a friend that gets who you really are… that’s Jordyn.
Good buddies that plan on taking over the World with a wave of love – that’s us!

Great friends multiply love when we spend quality time together.
Calling us friends is almost not a sufficient word.
Perhaps a new word sandwich should be created.
Joy-sparks.  Totally appropriate.

We need friendships on a regular basis which is hard to come by.
I believe that Joysparks are what will change the tide of this World from fear to love. 
Who wants to ride the wave of Joysparks with us?
Just imagine a gathering of Joysparks and the difference we could make.
What do you think the ripple effect would be from all those quality Joysparks?
All I know is I am doing all I can to foster more Joysparks, because when you are loved and empowered just the way you are, you fire off more sparks of joy.
The World can use more Joysparks so go forth and multiply by giving some extra love to your friends.

Jordyn and BFF Elliot Sylvester 


6 thoughts on “Waves of Friendship

  1. Paulette Pilcik Britton

    That is so fabulous. Elliot you are a JoySpark for all of us. Are you an artist like your mom and dad? can you draw or paint what a JoySpark might look like? Just wondered.

    Liked by 1 person

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