I am an award recipient

My community is amazing. In celebration of 25 years of three culturally significant joy-filled establishments – Theatre Orangeville, Museum of Dufferin, and In The Hills magazine – chose to honour the youth in the region.  Twenty-five under 25 were nominated to receive an award.  It recognizes the passion of the recipient and the goodness of their deeds.

Just being nominated is an achievement, but winning blows me away.  I have an amazing group of friends who saw me as worthy.

On Saturday, we were all honoured in a beautiful, fun, and moving ceremony.  Joy filled the Theatre as each recipient went up on stage to receive their award.  Just staying in my seat was tough as I was so darn happy.

I wrote part of my Thank You ahead of time for Mom to read –

Thank you ALL so much for this honour.
I have been the lucky recipient of a lot of loving attention and intention in my life in Dufferin.
My wish is that all non, minimally, and unreliably speaking autistics be recognized as the intelligent and ultra-sensitive, hilarious and loving humans we are AND have access to their full self-expression.
Everyone deserves to be heard and accepted exactly as they are, while being empowered to shoot for their dreams.

I then spelled in front of the huge Theatre –

I am lucky to live in such an accepting community.

And attempted to say – “Thank you very much” – with my voice, but was way too quiet to be heard.

I was in awe of the other 24 recipients.  You can see why here.  Full stories and portraits, by Pete Paterson, will be featured in the winter issue of In The Hills.

I was so stoked to be able to share the day with a few of my ever joyful and loving posse!  They cried and took video.

-Jordyn, the Award Winner



7 thoughts on “I am an award recipient

  1. Fran

    Congratulations Jordyn!
    Well deserved! And an awesome speech

    John and I sending you a big hug, lots of cheers and a big high five.
    Congratulations to all the other Recipients!
    The world is in good hands
    Fran and John


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