Good can always prevail

My loving parents are always looking out for me.  We are working through the plans for the future, in case something happens to them.

Sounds morbid, I know.  But it is also hugely empowering to be included.  My opinions and choices matter to them.  I know I’m 15, but I also have a good head on my shoulders and will be responsible for my life should they leave me abruptly.  I love being given the responsibility to think 2, 5, and 10 years out into my future.

I believe that the more responsibility I am given, the more I rise to the occasion.  Others may not choose to involve their kids in this type of planning, and that is completely every family’s choice.  I just want to share that my experience with it has been empowering because my 15 year old self is being valued for my ideas and opinions, and is an equal player in the family planning game.

Now let’s all create these plans never get put in to practice.



2 thoughts on “Good can always prevail

  1. crocker42

    I am so glad that my beautiful children are so wise as to include you in their plans for you for the future, and that they recognize the burgeoning wisdom of my beautiful grandchild. However I hope those plans won’t be needed for at least 80 years!!!!

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