I get caring but it is hard.

I love 100% people.  No withholding my love means I lose control of my body.  Just getting by in the day is like joyfully fighting with some invisible handsome force that runs amok. 

I get so tired out, that it totally can just get demanding to say anything on my boards.  Joy is when I have energy to give of myself. 

I get so being a good human, that I forget to be good to myself.  Love is loving oneself firstt.

Joy is being someone who makes a difference going out of their way to assist those in need.  Just need to figure out a balance so I don’t end up a puddle of impulse everyday. 


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Human Nature

Compassion and caring
is who we basically are.

Joy is loving,
giving, and contributing freely.

Why do some fight
joy as a way to live?

Good humans gracious,
joyfully just being real.

Authentic and free
we support our fellow humans.

Who do people
just insist on being right?

Let’s start a movement
of beauty, joy, and love.

Acceptance does not
invalidate your beliefs.

Can we live
in harmony please?


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I am all joyfully being 100% helpful

I get impacted in a big way by any tragic events around the World.  Just listen, this may seem weird to you, but I share my experience in hope that it makes a difference.

I guess the best way to describe this is to say that I am tapped in.  I feel the emotional climate like a wave of life giving or sucking force.  You have all felt this with individuals or groups in your life, now multiply that a million fold and you begin to get my world!

Joy breathes life in, sorrow and fear suck it out.  Joy is my jumper cables.  Joy and love keep my motor running.

Joy is in short supply these days.  I feel for my friends in Thousand Oaks, California, and use my energy to support just as much as I can.  Joy being part of any tragedy is people pulling together.

I wish tragedy didn’t have to occur for people to step out of their own bubble of life and extend a helping hand to their neighbours and community.  Maybe if we spent more time joyfully contributing to the community, then tragedy wouldn’t have to happen to remind us of the good in humanity.


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Change is body dysregulator

I’ve 100% noticed a shift in my ability to control my impulses with the change of seasons.  Or I should more accurately say, lack of control.

I notice the affects of weather on my body regularly – joyous when it is sunny and calm, joyous with a cool fall day with a slight breeze, joyous on a crisp winter day, just add any overcast, precipitation, or wind and I am an achy, brain foggy mess.  Now bring in a whole change of season and you have a recipe for dysregulation goo.

Everything may only look slightly different if you are an outside observer, just because I’m working 3x as hard to have the same level of control.  Every action is just that much harder to execute.