I get caring but it is hard.

I love 100% people.  No withholding my love means I lose control of my body.  Just getting by in the day is like joyfully fighting with some invisible handsome force that runs amok. 

I get so tired out, that it totally can just get demanding to say anything on my boards.  Joy is when I have energy to give of myself. 

I get so being a good human, that I forget to be good to myself.  Love is loving oneself firstt.

Joy is being someone who makes a difference going out of their way to assist those in need.  Just need to figure out a balance so I don’t end up a puddle of impulse everyday. 


{image credit:  ID 122833881 © Elena2305 | Dreamstime.com}


2 thoughts on “I get caring but it is hard.

  1. crocker42

    You probably know this, but here goes anyway – In a plane, if oxygen is needed, and the masks drop down, a parent is supposed to put on their own mask first, then place one on their child. This is so the parent will not become weak, and not able to care for his/her child. Likewise, we have to look after ourselves first, in order to be helpful, loving human beings who are able to care for others.

    Look after yourself, Sweetheart, and keep strong and able to be the loving person you are.
    Love, Mimi


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