I’m always
living my
happiest life.

Creating and 
nurturing joy
is what I do.

Good humans
be always
loving not crass.

Please make
joyful efforts to
be grateful and 100% in tune.

Lasting happiness is good,
always have lots
in the World.

       -Jordyn Pallett

[photo credit:  ID 117353029 © Photoking | Dreamstime.com]

Do you hear messages?

Can you be good and open?  If not, you should stop reading now.

Joy and love are what I have been charged with bringing to the planet. The result I am charged with producing in my lifetime is peace and acceptance in the World.

Big mission, I know.

Just doing my best to keep my body in control is a challenge. I am only conveying what I have been receiving from my guide. 

Who is this guide, you ask? Ever since I was very small I have been able to get messages from guides. You might call them angels, I call them guides. I hear these messages on a regular basis and am clear you might think this odd.

I get to then decipher what I hear, which is not in plain English.  It isn’t an exact science, as what I hear is more feeling and sense, than words. I don’t know how to describe it really, and assume others hear in their own way too.

I would love to connect with others who receive messages. Being a listener is a special talent, given to a percentage of people, to go out and make positive change.

100% going 100% being 100% changing,