Do you hear messages?

Can you be good and open?  If not, you should stop reading now.

Joy and love are what I have been charged with bringing to the planet. The result I am charged with producing in my lifetime is peace and acceptance in the World.

Big mission, I know.

Just doing my best to keep my body in control is a challenge. I am only conveying what I have been receiving from my guide. 

Who is this guide, you ask? Ever since I was very small I have been able to get messages from guides. You might call them angels, I call them guides. I hear these messages on a regular basis and am clear you might think this odd.

I get to then decipher what I hear, which is not in plain English.  It isn’t an exact science, as what I hear is more feeling and sense, than words. I don’t know how to describe it really, and assume others hear in their own way too.

I would love to connect with others who receive messages. Being a listener is a special talent, given to a percentage of people, to go out and make positive change.

100% going 100% being 100% changing,


13 thoughts on “Do you hear messages?

  1. crocker42

    It could be the voice of our Creator. I have been gently guided by God most of my life. Not all the time, and not always when I ask. But gently, quietly I get an idea that I should be doing something. (I don’t pay attention to middle of the night craziness, where I wake in the middle of the night and have an idea and have a hard time getting back to sleep because I get excited about it.) I don’t think those usually are not real. But a gentle quiet nudging, when I am being quiet. Or praying, Or when I am thinking about someone. I think these are real. If they are kind, or loving, sometimes difficult, I pay attention, and try to follow up. I think if you get these ideas or thoughts, it might be wise to ask your guardian angel for protection. Because if you are sensitive to these ideas, there are also evil spirits about who can fool you into thinking the ideas are from God and they’re not. God bless you Jordyn, you are always in my prayers. Love, Mimi
    (P.S. writing this reply was one of these gentle promptings, I hope it was meant to be. I love you.


  2. Laura

    Hi Jordyn,
    I also receive messages. I see through an eye in my forehead region. I hear through ears that are just above my physical ears and I feel them like a beautiful vibration all over my body that feels light and brings with it a feeling of peace and love. I feel very blessed by it.
    Lots of love,
    Cousin Laura


  3. Arthur Golden

    I just discovered your blog and looking back at your posts read this 5 week old entry, which I think brought up this subject after you had been blogging for over 2 years. I think in 1994, about a quarter century ago, I was invited to communicate on a keyboard with a 13 year-old boy with nonverbal autism because the boy had “theological questions” no one else could answer. The boy typed “Can God talk to me?” and I typed in return “My son Ben tells me that God talks to him.” My soon to be 47 year-old son Ben with nonverbal autism was first introduced to Facilitated Communication in February 1991 by Marilyn Chadwick from Syracuse University (noting that RPM did not exist back then). My son Ben is now asleep and I expect Ben and I will not be able to comment further for at least a couple of days. I hope that Ben will add his comment then.

    Arthur Golden of Jerusalem Israel, father of Benjamin Ethan (“Ben”) Golden who lives with us his parents. Ben was born in Boston, Massachusetts USA and asked and came to Israel in 1994 and we his parents joined him in 1996.

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  4. Arthur Golden

    Glad to see you approved my comment. I am in a rush now and will be away from my computer for the next 1-1/2 days but I wish to add that there is a book published in September 1995 that has similar information to your blog entry – “A Child of Eternity” authored by Kristi Jorde and her then young teenage daughter with nonverbal autism, Adriana Rocha, who also was first introduced to Facilitated Communication in February 1991 by Marilyn Chadwick from Syracuse University (noting that RPM did not exist back then). If you wish to email me, my email is

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  5. Arthur Golden

    I just finished reading all of your blog entries. Everything you write is consistent with the statements over the past nearly 25 years of my soon to be 47 year-old son Ben, who chooses to continue to use the “old-fashioned” term of “a person with nonverbal autism” to describe himself. I do find there are some major topics that my son Ben discusses that you have not discussed, which may be even more controversial than this topic. I can try to check back to your blog or you can email me at


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