Badly my body aches

Whenever there is a storm brewing, I know way in advance. I basically can tell weather by the ache in my muscles and joints.

Joints are the tellers of intensity. Joints are the barometer of pressure drop. Joints play havoc on my ability to be present and purposeful. Joints fall on the ‘wishing for relief’ spectrum.

Muscles follow along like lemmings. Plenty of achiness to go around.

Sleep and autistic stims are my escape from the ache. Homeopathic remedies help a little too.

Wishing for clear skies,

Giant purposeful neural pathways being built

I have been building the foundation for a purposeful infrastructure for quite some time. Living begins with access to these pathways for a guy like me, kidnapped and frequently hijacked by impulse.

Joyfully, most of the foundation we have laid is now starting to come together in a network of purposefulness. Movement and actions I could not do without physical assistance and lots of joyful and loving external prompting are becoming somewhat natural.

Loving being a beast at climbing with Stephanie and Andrew of the Spiral Movement Center. Joyful to follow the instructions and put a badass Lego car together with LeeAnn. I’m over the moon to blow Erica away with my controlled and manly chest press.

I have been doing a lot of visualizing motor actions that I know how to do theoretically and haven’t been able to do on my own yet. It is definitely paying off! On top of the foundation that has been built step by step, layer by layer, I am paving my purposeful highways.


Music to my ears

Lots of times I am fully capable of performing a task, but either lack of time or parental “on automaticness” get in the way. Too bad because I can make Mom’s life easier by doing my own stuff.

Returning from watching all I could accomplish at Pure Freedom Farm, and Mom is getting out of the way and creating more space. Joy is zipping up my own jacket, putting on my own gloves, joking with our friends Wayne and Jason about being a bus boy at the pub we like to hang out at, and hanging up my own coat.

I love my Mom, and know that sometimes it takes just as much effort to not help me as it does to step in. I keep reminding her to help me with more motor tasks that I know I can do. Please intend that we keep expanding my repertoire of menial tasks. Joy is always learning and expanding!

Motorically yours,

{Photo of Jordyn making the pigs’ food with January of Pure Freedom Farm}

Being Purposeful!

Going to Pure Freedom Farm was the best 100% purposefully amazing few days. Passionate and playful was the theme of our time.

Jackson is the coolest friend and shares his passion for the animals. January is awesome and shares her passion for being joyfully tapped in! Ben is the best and most playful human.

Going there and unplugging from my routine loops, I could harness my purposefulness to participate in daily feeding of the animals. 100% I am a kick butt farm hand now.

Loved feeding the horses the best. I am an expert sheep feeder. Yes, I got to make pig food too. I want pigs, a donkey, and a cute snuggly kitten now.


Love is an Action

Doing love is being someone who 100% shows affection in all ways. Being love is having an intention to always joyfully paint a beautiful world around all you encounter.

Joy is both being love and doing love.

Loving my girlfriend is easy.

Being love when people get crappy is an intentional action. Just so much harder to muster creating a rose-coloured world around them.

Practising love makes it easier to be a generous spirit in all circumstances.