Love is an Action

Doing love is being someone who 100% shows affection in all ways. Being love is having an intention to always joyfully paint a beautiful world around all you encounter.

Joy is both being love and doing love.

Loving my girlfriend is easy.

Being love when people get crappy is an intentional action. Just so much harder to muster creating a rose-coloured world around them.

Practising love makes it easier to be a generous spirit in all circumstances.



2 thoughts on “Love is an Action

  1. crocker42

    You are wise beyond your years, Jordyn. When I was in my thirtys, Grandpa Tony and I made a Marriage Encounter weekend. There we learned that love is a decision. You said “Loving my girlfriend is easy”. We learned at that weekend that loving your wife/husband is easy when things are going well, but when things get more difficult and stress levels go up, loving dosn’t come so naturally, and that is when love becomes a decision rather than a feeling. I had never thought of that before. And here you are, at half the age we were then, and you know that. As usual, I am awed by your wisdom.


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