Music to my ears

Lots of times I am fully capable of performing a task, but either lack of time or parental “on automaticness” get in the way. Too bad because I can make Mom’s life easier by doing my own stuff.

Returning from watching all I could accomplish at Pure Freedom Farm, and Mom is getting out of the way and creating more space. Joy is zipping up my own jacket, putting on my own gloves, joking with our friends Wayne and Jason about being a bus boy at the pub we like to hang out at, and hanging up my own coat.

I love my Mom, and know that sometimes it takes just as much effort to not help me as it does to step in. I keep reminding her to help me with more motor tasks that I know I can do. Please intend that we keep expanding my repertoire of menial tasks. Joy is always learning and expanding!

Motorically yours,

{Photo of Jordyn making the pigs’ food with January of Pure Freedom Farm}


2 thoughts on “Music to my ears

  1. crocker42

    Your awareness that you are capable of doing your own stuff, but out of habit need Mom’s help, is the first step in doing it totally by yourself. It is all growth, practice, reminding yourself and guts (which I know you have in abundance), Keep up the good work!!


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